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Self Defense & Personal Safety

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“Real Fights Ain’t Pretty!”

When I was 18 years old I started training in a Martial Art Zen Kempo Ryu Ju-Jitsu which was designed for street self defense. The style mixed the Japanese arts of Kempo, with its strikes & kicks, and the Samurai art of Ju-Jitsu, with it's locks, pressure points and throws. I continued training and became an instructor, teaching classes to all ages.

I've also trained with Police Officers, Prison Guards, Military Personnel, Special Forces, Bouncers and Body Guards along with Martial Artists from styles such as Muay Thai, Wing Chun, Krav Maga and Karate, to name a few.

After ten years working for the USAF in the UK, I switched to Security and Debt Recovery. 

I worked security at various concerts and public events in and around London, Static Security in local criminal courts and loss prevention in a shopping center or two.

I worked debt collection and repossession in London and South East England. This consisted of collecting monies,  recovering unpaid property and house evictions.

I was offered a job working in a local night club, this lead to working several clubs, pubs and events, now door work (Bouncing) was added to my repertoire.

I spent the next ten years in the Asset Protection and Recovery business. I had many chances to put my martial art skills into practice. I soon realized that I only used the basic stuff, the fancy moves just didn't work.

After moving to Colorado I put myself through the local police academy and have been using those skills as a Police Officer since then. I find myself in a position where I have to go 'hands-on' with someone who doesn't want to be arrested.

I’ve also spent time training in Bujinkan NinJitsu, Police Defensive Tactics,  

Gracie CombativesTracy KenpoBang Muay Thai and Brooks Muay Thai. Along with continuing to research other fighting styles and systems of self-defense, such as Krav Maga. I took techniques from these and added them to my own tool kit.

I’ve had 1000's of violent and potentially violent situations, from single aggressive individuals to mass brawls, most were unarmed but others involved weapons. I have managed to come face to face with Bottles, Bricks, Bats, Knives, Machetes, Guns and of course Fists & Feet.

I’ve taken my experience of over thirty five years training, teaching and using Martial Arts to develop a simple system of self-defense training. I took my original Kempo Ju-Jitsu training and drew ideas from other fighting arts, Law Enforcement Tactics and Military.

I've made it onto the local news too, click HERE to see what's being said.

Dave Keech

DK Self Defense Training